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A Foundational Course for Professional Communicators

Communication Plan Blueprint

Time to strengthen your voice & career


Your Mission

should you choose to accept it, is to gain the essential planning and client-management skills that make you a must-have advisor of every project team.

So you can work smarter and stronger and be the trusted advisor and strategist you were meant to be.


Learn essential planning & client management skills

Projects offer essential opportunities to have strategy and value conversations with your clients. Honing your planning and client management skills — skills that are not often taught but are critical to your success — helps you leverage these conversations and your voice for success.

The most important voice to help you gain a "seat at the table" is your own. While your leaders may extend the invitation in time, meet them where they are at and earn the role of trusted advisor one project and plan at a time.

  • Each client interaction is an opportunity to demonstrate your strength as a business-problem solver.

  • Each plan is a new stage on which to build your expertise, capabilities and strength.


And you don't have to travel to grow your skills

Learn through a dynamic, online training experience from the comfort 
of wherever you log in. This is professional development designed to match your schedule and location.


In eight weeks, you will create your own communication plan SUCCESS blueprint and learn how to build a customized plan with confidence every single time.

  • Set the Stage for Communications Planning Effectiveness

  • Unwrap the Complexity & Overwhelm – Piece by Piece

  • Create a Communications Blueprint & Increase Self Confidence – Step by Step

  • Calibrate Expectations and Gain Alignment

  • Employ a Standardized Process – Every Time

  • Share the Blueprint – Teach and Promote

  • Shine – Deliver Success & Gain the Confidence of Your Leaders



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My passion is to help communicators find success, strengthen their careers & grow their impact. I create courses and offer coaching and training. I also have the privilege of teaching corporate communications to continuing education students at the University of Washington.

I'm energized by conversations about how communicators make a critical difference in the organizations they serve.

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